Norman Dunn Photos

Norman Dunn has already contributed many brilliant photos to the Hebburn Website. These are just a few personal photos which don't fit onto other pages (and there's more coming)

Motor Biking Norman is on the right, on his first motorbike (an Ariel Leader) in 1961. The two friends were neighbours in Grasmere Road.
The lad in centre, Les Burns who sadly died recently is on a Triumph Tiger Cub, Alan Chaters on left is on a BSA Bantam .
This is Norman 'clarting about' with his Ariel Leader at Grasmere Rd 1961.His sister Marian & friend Sylvia Chaters are 'pestering' him. Later he got a Norton Dominator & used to see all the Hebburn & Jarrow bikers at 'Jarrow Bowling Alley'
Names like Keith Rodgers, Bernard Hannah, Tommy Atwell, John Hillis, Hughie Doran, Norman Kennedy, Ken Clark, Jimmy Amos (from Jarrow), Mick Croft, Ken Tones etc all used to head there to talk 'bikes'.
Mmarian Dunn This one shows Norman's sister Marian Dunn on her bike on Campbell Pk Rd about 1958. Windermere Crescent and Coniston Ave with Slag Heap are behind.
Norman's grandfather, John Rodger (1900 - 1947) is on the front right of this group, but the others are unknown.

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Trip Another photo featuring Norman's grandfather John (far right) off on a trip somewhere. His uncle, Tommy McNeill is standing on the left.

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